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6 Steps To Create Your Own Effective Website Sales Plan

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Alex Lee
March 6, 2022
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6 Steps To Create Your Own Effective Website Sales Plan

Are you looking to increase sales on your website? If so, you need an effective website sales plan. Without a solid strategy in place, it can be difficult to achieve your desired results.

This step-by-step guide will help you understand how to create your own effective website sales plan. It breaks down what I recommend to keep in mind as you write copy on a website. Cover these 6 questions the buyer will have in this order, and they “naturally” will be inclined to buy.

There are a lot of different ways to sell, but you should base it on one approach you know will work. It might seem simple, but this approach pushes a lot of the unconscious buttons that need to be pressed when someone is making a buying decision and does it in the right order.

Use these six steps of selling to give your website a great selling framework.

The 6 steps are...

Step 1: Is this the perfect solution to my specific problem? (Gather attention.)

The biggest reason why people don’t buy is that they don’t think the product is the EXACT solution that they need.

The more specific you can get in terms of what the product does and who it does it for, the more you’re going to get a YES.

For example, if someone has high blood pressure, and you’re selling a heart product, then it doesn’t have much appeal compared to a solution that specifically says: "hey, our product will help with high blood pressure that won’t go down”.

This is why targeting a specific audience makes a huge difference. People are impatient and care about themselves first and foremost. If they can't figure out what it is that you are selling within SECONDS of landing on the page, the opportunity is lost.

You should always start a new website project by spending some time answering these 3 questions:

  • What exactly is the product/service this website is selling?
  • Who is going to buy this product/service? (Hint: these are your client's clients, and you are building a website for them, not for your client)
  • With what problem specifically are you going to help them?

Step 2: What makes this solution better, more unique, and exciting than other solutions? (Present benefits.)

People have tried a lot of solutions before, and have been disappointed.

They’re always looking for something better. We live in a society where we’re always looking for the next best thing, so if you can answer this question and SHOW them why it’s better, it WOWS the customer.

People are bored with normal products that are out there, so you have to position your service/ product as something new/different/exciting/fresh.

This is where you present the benefits of the solution, and position it in an exciting way.

To step it up even further, think for a moment about what transformations are the product/service enabling to happen.

For example: "from not having control over your spending to controlling how you spend money", "from feeling uncomfortable inviting guests, to hosting parties every weekend because you feel proud of how your house is looking like", etc. The more powerful and deeper the transformation, the better.

Step 3: How can I be sure it’s going to work for me? (Show proof.)

Asked differently: "why does it work and what's the proof that is it going to work for me?"

People are nervous, skeptical, and distrustful. They’ve been cheated in the past with other products and have felt like fools. They don’t want to feel scammed again.

If you can prove to your prospects why they don’t need to feel nervous/skeptical and show them WHY it works, then you’re a lot closer to a YES. Provide them with a very healthy dose of proof.  Everything else held equal, proof is what seals the deal.

This is where you build trust and position the business as an authority in their niche:

  • Where does this business have the most credibility?
  • Where does it have the most experience?
  • If the business worked with 1,000s of customers across 3 different continents, or they were featured in a  respectable magazine, or they spent 1 million dollars to come up with a new formula for the face cream, tell the world about it.

Step 4: How does it work? What's the process? (Justify buying decision.)

People need to justify their buying decision with some logic; it’s a natural human response.

They need to know how the benefits can be realized. They justify their buying decisions with some logic. If you can explain WHY all of the benefits you discussed CAN and WILL happen, you’ve given the prospect a ton of comfort and security.

It can be as simple as walking them through the process. For a dietician, it could look like this:

"The first step is to book a consultation with me, then I will provide you with a bespoke meal plan, and check in with you weekly to make sure you are on track."

Step 5: What are other people saying about it? (Use social proof.)

Third-party verification and validation. It’s the final dose of logic, comfort, and security.

It gives people that sense of, “Wow, if these other people who are just like me are getting amazing results, then so can I”. It gives them that final nudge over the finish line.

Use case studies, and testimonials, embed Trustpilot reviews and add screenshots of reviews from social media profiles.

Hint: it is better to have a few strong reviews than dozens of weak, fake-sounding testimonials. Most people are exceptionally good at detecting fake positive reviews, so don't be tempted to use them.

If your client doesn't have any, this is a great opportunity to add value–offer them you will reach out to a few best customers yourself, or set up a Trustpilot account for them and a testimonial-gathering system. This can be as simple as creating a Typeform feedback form and setting up an auto-responder.

Step 6: How can I order it? (Tell them what to do.)

This is where you present your irresistible offer. Give the prospect one great deal and a good reason to act:

  • A free trial
  • A free quote
  • A free analysis
  • A money-back guarantee
  • A time-limited offer

Make Your Own Website Sales Plan Today

By following this guide, you will have an effective website sales plan that is tailored to your target audience.

Remember to always keep in mind the six questions your buyers are likely asking as they navigate your website, and use copy that appeals to their emotions and instincts.

Makko Digital is a full-service web design company from Yeosu, South Korea. Contact us today to find out how we can craft your website sales plan and grow your business online. Find us on Clutch!

author headshot - Alex Lee
Alex Lee
Alex Lee is the lead web developer and founder of Makko Digital. Outside of the office, you can find him training in the gym, playing the guitar, and cooking.

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